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Five Star Water Damage Restoration is providing the best services across California from last 12 years. We start our work with the clear aim of not only meet but work beyond customer’s expectations. Therefore, we are one of the best leading professional cleaning company in California.

Are you looking for “ Water restoration companies near me?”. We are the only one who provides the best services with a most affordable price to get healthy and better life.

As a professional water damage restoration company, we started out working in 1999. We are specialized in Water Damage Restoration, Water Extraction, Hardwood Floor Damage Repair, Carpet Water Damage Repair, Moisture Removal, and Accidental Water Damage Restoration. With the knowledge and experience gained, coupled with IICRC Certification the owner started a family owned business in 2001.

We provide Water Damage Restoration & Repair Services in Bermuda DunesDesert Hot SpringsFontanaIndioLa QuintaOntario,  Palm Springs, and all surrounding locations.

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Experienced Team

Looking for the renowned provider Of Water Damage Restoration Near Me? We always believe in providing the quality result to our customers. Further, to fulfill this requirement we need to hire a professional, well trained, experienced and certified cleaners. Besides that, we also have our training schedule to train our all experts and let them understand the ways of using new technologies which gives the best result.

Our all experts are well trained and they have enough knowledge of all fabric and stains which is a vital component to remove any stains. Some stains take a different treatment and need special stain removal chemicals and different techniques, but Five Star Water Damage Restoration, we provide guaranteed water damage repair & restoration.

Fixed Price

At Five Star Water Damage Restoration we provide best services which can achieve customer’s satisfaction with the affordable water damage restoration cost.

When our customer chooses Five Star Water Damage Restoration we always give them warm welcome with some additional discount.

Lastly, we educate our customers on how to maintain their property carefully post water damage restoration operation.

And, this is not done yet, there are so many exciting offers and services available with Five Star Water Damage Restoration which is made to provide confirmation to our customers. 

100%  Service Guarantee

We always use Procyon, a certified GREEN cleaning agent for EVERY Water Damage Restoration, Water Extraction, Hardwood Floor Damage Repair, Water Damage Carpet Repair, Moisture Removal Services and Accidental Water Damage Restoration that we do. Because our client’s health is always a primary focus for us.  Use of Green cleaning agents totally eliminate possibilities of harmful chemicals which can harm the environment.

Most importantly, use of Green cleaning agents not only protect your health but also provide guaranteed result post water damage restoration process. The green cleaning agent is safe for babies, children, the elderly, all family members with allergies and asthma, and all types of pets. So, Go green with Five Star Water Damage Restoration.

Our Commitment

Once you are ready to hire Five Star Water Damage Restoration as your professional cleaners. Our experts will start the restoration process from the initial level and take it to the level of perfection. Further, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, we are happy to come and do it again for you. Because our main aim is to give satisfaction to the customers by providing the best services. Besides that, you may contact us to know some water damage restoration tips or to solve your queries, hence our experts are always happy to help you.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water damages are always sudden, they occur rapidly and ruin your property. Ultimately, this damage can also turn out to health hazard and lead to mold problems. Water damage can shrink wood, damage carpets, leather, and can trigger other serious problems. Quick response to damage is crucial in preventing water damage from further destroying your residential or commercial property.

A team of experienced professional for water damage will arrive at your place (Residential or commercial) and will restore very quickly with precision using the best cleaning equipment in the market. Our mission is to provide you with a safe and dry workplace or the living environment as fast as possible.

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Benefits of using our Services

Five Star Water Damage Restoration provides the best services with lots of benefits for our customers. Following are the list of benefits provided by us. 

Best Offers for All * Green Cleaning  * Much Healthier Environment  * Cost Effective * Guaranteed Result

Water Damage Restoration

Water damages are always sudden, they occur rapidly and ruin your property. Ultimately, this damage can also turn out to health hazard and lead to mold problems. Hence, Water Damage Restoration is must.

Accidental Water Damage Restoration

A routine check of the water system of commercial and residential property should be mandatory for water damage. Leaks or pipe burst can result in high water bills and can also damage your building.

Carpet Water Damage Repair

Five Star Water Damage Restoration follow a set of rules while we are dealing with carpets. Firstly, we analyze the carpet condition then we take steps according to the carpet condition.

Hardwood Floor Damage Repair

we have solved each Hard Wood restoration related issues very efficiently due to our experience and high-end equipment. Having hardwood floor brings lots of problems but no need to worry because we have solution for every remedy.


Moisture Removal

When you notice moisture gathering, dry it with no delay and sort the source of the problem. Two primary elements of controlling moisture buildup are minimizing cool surface and reducing humidity.

Water Extraction

To limit the amount of damage to your property and the amount of the time it takes to get everything back to normal. Hence water extraction is necessary.

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