Accidental Water Damage Restoration

A routine check of the water system of commercial and residential property should be mandatory for water damage. Leaks or pipe burst can result in high water bills and can also damage your building. If you feel leaks or damage in your home or office, approach Five Star Water Damage Restoration immediately for a quick fix to accidental water damage restoration.

Water pipes may look like they are durable, watertight and airtight on the surface but they can easily damage by extreme pressure. Besides that, these water lines can easily damage during construction activities, resulting in hard-to-control gushes that can flood your property quickly.

Changes in water compound can create corrosion in pipes from the inside. As a result, this can create pinholes and generate leaks and tends to waste water. Besides that, creating damp spaces in areas of your building.

This can also cause water damage to walls, ceilings, and floors for months. On the end before you should pay proper attention to the problem and do something about it.

Leaks can create a way to contaminate the water supply, dropping its quality and making it a health risk for your structure’s occupants.

Accidental Water Damage Restoration


Plumbing Leak Damage

Water damage is a bigger term, including a number of losses by entering the unwanted water. Causing the destruction of materials such as fabric, plywood, sheetrock, wood, metal and encouraging rust and mold. Residential water damage to floors, carpets, and furniture can be notable. Besides that, it will require professional water damage repair and restoration costing you in thousands of dollars.

In fact, it is proved that water damage is a major contributor to property or assets loss. If there is a plumbing leak, our professionals will solve the source of water damage. Besides that, repair and restore the water damage property to the original, pre-damage condition.

Water Damage caused by Appliances

Appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines or any other appliance which uses water should be checked at a proper interval of time. If ignored, a small slow leak can turn up to a huge problem, possibly leading to mold infestation or household flooding, causing destruction and water damage in residential places.

Water Damage caused by Heating and A/C

Annual service of A/C and heaters should be mandatory. Always check the drip pan to make sure it is not cracked and leaking. Replace the filters every month and rise the unit a couple of time per year to keep it clean and free from dust. If not properly maintained, there is a possibility of major water damage, which can cost you high budget to repair your home.

Water Damage caused by Burst Water Pipes

Fluctuations in temperature during winter cause extensive water damage throughout. Every year during extreme freezing weather, continuous phone calls are to be managed. All the customers have a similar complaint about frozen pipes, leaks, and flood in the home. The scenario is the same as the commercial buildings. Property loss is possible due to leaks and breaks in pipelines, causing damage to the walls, floors ceilings, and furniture.

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