Hardwood Floor Damage Repair

The factor cannot be denied that the older a floor gets the more problem to arise as normal wear and tear becomes apparent. As time goes by, the floors leave the shin and function as it used to provide before. Fortunately, Five Star Water Damage Restoration can help you fix your all types of flooring problems.

Hard floors are very popular because of their durability and longevity. However, wood flooring is still subject to wear and tear; especially in the areas that are water-prone, unstable and shifting buildings and footings.


Having years of experience and hands-on in the flooring industry. We have come across various types of flooring problems. From surface to structural damage, we have solved each solution very efficiently due to our experience and high-end equipment. Having a hardwood floor brings lots of problems but no need to worry because we have a solution for every remedy.

Our hardwood floor damage repair technicians know very well what to do, which product is to be used, what techniques are to be used and what type of repair service is required to restore the old flooring.

Hardwood Floor Damage Repair

Wide Range Of Floor Repairing

If you think your wooden floor could need some repairs, we are always available to you. We offer a wide range of floor repairing service like sanding, re-sealing, plank, and board replacement as well as filling gouges and holes of all sizes.

Five Star Water Damage Restoration service includes Water Extraction, Flood damage cleaning, Flood water extraction, Odor Removal, Mold Remediation, Water damaged carpet, Wet wooden floor drying, Water damage restoration.

To conclude all damage related to water is solved by Five Star Water Damage Restoration. We provide water damaged floor repair services in Palm Desert and nearby areas.

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