Moisture Removal

Moisture condenses into water droplets when the warm humid air comes in contact with the cool surface. A task such as bathing, drying clothes, cooking and dishwashing add moisture in the air. Some of the heating appliances such as vent free natural gas also increase the moisture inside your home.

During winters windows, doors and walls are the common cool surface due to the lack of proper insulation. The good example of the cool surface in the summer are uninsulated cold-water pipes. Droplets may gather on the surface and seep into the walls, windows, and structural components. Which causes peeling paints and provide a good environment for the molds to grow.

Indoor Moisture Control

When you notice moisture gathering, dry it with no delay and sort the source of the problem. Two primary elements of controlling moisture buildup are minimizing cool surface and reducing humidity.

Storm doors and windows can be used because it reduces cool surface in the winter by separating the interior from cold breeze outside. Double / Triple pane windows are also a good option to insulate interior glass from the cold. In addition, for moisture removal, implementing these things will make your home more energy efficient year round. Also consider window treatments as well.

Moisture Removal By Five Star

Opening drapes and blinds in the winter season permits warmth to reach the interior glass. Some condensation may arrive, but the improved circulation makes it less likely to accumulate. Insulating cold water pipes abolishes a common cool surface in hot weather. Straight and angled sleeves let you fit insulation to your pipes – just slide on the sleeves and seal the slits and joints with duct tape.

Your cooling and heating system can also play an important role in controlling home moisture. Gas and electric furnace reduce humidity with dry heat. AC decreases the moisture level in the air as it cools. Always keep your registers open or unblocked for a good air flow, and have systems inspection and services on regular basis to ensure they are functioning properly.

Alternative easy ways to reduce air moisture include:

  • Keep doors open to good air circulation is possible in the living room.
  • Storing firewood outside.
  • Properly cover aquariums, if you have one.
  • Covering pots when cooking, when it is possible.

If high humidity is an issue you can’t solve by others methods, you need a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. They are best for laundry rooms, basements, bathrooms and any room that isn’t air-conditioned.

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