water damage restoration costConfused On What Basis Water Damage Restoration Cost is Determined?

Majority of people have the same question and are confused on what basis water damage restoration cost is finalized. Here we have shared some factors which we consider while determining water damage restoration cost.

Water Damage Restoration Cost Depends on Several Factors

Water damage repair is vital when you are the victim of water damage in your property. The usual cause of accidental water damage can be due to a river flood, leaking appliances, overflowing, burst water heater, leaky roof or toilet. There are many more water damage scenarios and that is precisely why there are no set universal prices for such repairs. Each water damage restorations job is unique and different.

Factors For Water Damage Restoration Cost

When a restoration company puts together a price quote for your water damage repair work, they take several factors into consideration. The square footage of the affected areas is one such consideration. Replacement cost can affect water damage restoration cost. Lastly, the type of water present in the water damage area is also a point in deciding the cost of water damage restoration.

Size of Affected Area

The area size is an important factor to determine the water damage restoration cost and repair cost. For instance, a 2500 square foot house is suffering the same amount of storm damage as a 1500 square foot house would cost more to repair and restore. It is very simple as if the area is bigger, then more water extraction needed. Huge houses may have extra bedrooms and bathrooms, so there is a possibility of having more overall damage with more affected areas.

Amount of Damage

The area of damage also depends on the cost of water damage restoration. Certainly, small water damage costs less than large affected areas and extensive repairs. If the small water damage is not treated quickly then it would turn out to big and may reach to extend damage limit. The standing water affects the extent of the damage. A spill on the wood floor cannot get extracted as soon as it happens, it will damage your wood floors or the carpet. Once your carpet gets heavy drench in water, then there is very less possibility of drying or repairing them.

These are some, but the major factors which considered by a water damage technician when determining water damage restoration cost. We hope this information would be helpful for you to expand your knowledge.

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