Water Extraction

Water Extraction Palm Desert

It takes very few amounts of water to cause water damage. Besides that, it doesn’t matter how much water you have standing in your home or business.

Furthermore, the longer the water stays, the worse the condition will become. That’s the reason water extraction should occur as quickly as possible after the flood has occurred.

To limit the amount of damage to your property and the amount of the time it takes to get everything back to normal, water extraction is necessary.

You can call us if you need an immediate service, 24×7. Similarly, we will provide you with a free estimate in writing for any water removal and drying service you need to carry out.

Water will eat away your interior property very quickly if a delay in response time. A delay in response to your flood could mean the difference between a simple extraction and dry out the job.

In addition, needing to completely tear out and replace sections of your property. Therefore, never wait. Call us now, so that we can begin the water cleanup process and salvage as much as we can.

Water Extraction Palm Desert

Locating high-moisture areas

Most people usually don’t realize that water damage is difficult to spot in most cases. It is very easy to locate when a wall is bulging and turned black or walking on the carpet and water splashes, but moisture needs special detection tools to locate. We use special equipment to identify unsafe moistures level so we can know which area needs to be dried or replaced.

Five Star Water Damage Restoration make water extraction service simple…

We always provide free on-site assessments and free estimates!

Call us today and we will send our water extraction professionals to provide a complete flood assessment. While this allows us to visually inspect your property and put together a plan of remediation your water loss. The assessment will include a quote in writing for any water extraction or drying service that are necessary.

Call Five Star Water Damage Restoration at 760-774-7961 to talk with our friendly executives and get the best deal at the most affordable price.